Email Marketing Service and Its Features

Set out your email marketing campaign for maximum effect by using one of our email templates. Each template is responsive and readable on a host of devices such as PC, tablet and smartphone. Enjoy higher deliverability and better impact with less bouncing and unsubscribe requests. Get your email through to the people that matter and ensure that your marketing campaign delivers the desired results.

Promote your business with Our Services

Use our services to promote your business easily and effectively. Our amazing email templates and autoresponders, high-converting web forms and laser-sharp segmentation as well as the unique delivery tools will assist in growing your lists, optimizing your audience engagement and increase your conversions.

High Email Deliverability

Email marketing campaigns rely on good deliverability rates. Sending numerous emails to invalid emails wastes your resources and damages your email reputation. Removing invalid addresses and responding to non-deliverable information can improve deliverability for future campaigns. Using our tools and tips will assist you to run a better email campaign and achiever better email long term deliverability.


Authentication of emails works similar to a digitally produced signature, indicating that the email is actually from your business and is not a forged email. Authentication protects your reputation as well as your identity and brand which improves your email deliverability. Authentication assists receiving servers to identify your email as legitimate and not a spam or phishing email.

Dedicated IP Addresses And Resources

Dedicated IP addresses and resources help you build a reputation and history directly related to your company or brand. Ensure that you adhere to the industry compliance and legal requirements and understand the best practices when send out emails to ensure that you do not tarnish the IP reputation. We only issue IPs which have an established reputation.


Autoresponders are programs set to respond to emails in a defined way. An autoresponder should be set up in such a way that the emails being returned to customers do not appear as spam. You can set autoresponders to reply to a first query as well as follow up emails. Autoresponders can also be used for confirming subscribe and unsubscribe activities.


When designing an email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your marketing efforts are engaging and interesting to read. Tools such as templates, wizards, drag and drop options and so forth can be quite useful when building a campaign to suit your marketing needs. You can use campaign templates for sending news, promotions, introducing products and so much more.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be effective in growing your customer base and subscriber lists but for your newsletters to have any effect, they need to actually be received and read by your intended recipients. Improved design and reduced bounce rates can improve your overall deliverability and ensure that your customers get to read your newsletters on any device.

Email Scheduling

There are a number of tools and templates that can be used to take some of the work out of your campaigns. Email scheduling allows you to use automated email strategies to send out follow ups, news, promotions and more to the people you want to reach.

Drag and Drops

Templates that allow for drag and drops will assist you in designing emails specific to your company or brand as well as to suit the specific promotion or campaign. Drag and drops allow for easy copying over of information directly in to the template for unique and interesting marketing emails without having to pour a fortune in to the design each time.

Manage Subscribers

When you have large lists of people you need to reach with your campaigns and you also want to keep a good IP reputation, you need to ensure that you manage subscribers effectively. Use tools to create organized lists according to specific criteria. You can also check for duplicates and glaring email errors.

Award Winning Support

Contact us for effective round the clock support. Our team of specialists globally are available 24/7 to deal with all your support needs. This means less wasted time and faster, more effective solutions to your problems. Let us help you grow your business with our effective tools and services, coupled without resourceful, efficient answers to your queries and problems.